SPD Internships


Patch - Digital 2011Sandwich Police Department Internships


PURPOSE:  The student will receive exposure to the inner working of the basic investigation techniques concerning investigation into major crimes reported to the police department.  These major crimes include murder, rape, breaking and entering, and robbery.


IMG_0961INTENT:  Over a semester, the student will receive hands on experience by working side by side with officers from the initial call, through out the investigation, to the final disposition of the case.  Because of Criminal Records Restrictions, and Public Records laws, the student will not have access to restrict information, but will view general overviews of specific cases.




  1. Introduction to Dispatching
  2. Introduction to  Patrol Procedures
  3. Introduction to  Investigations
  4. Introduction to Crime Scene Management
  5. Overview of Crime Scene Evidence Analysis
  6. Introduction to the State Police CPAC UnitDispatch Center
  7. Introduction to Criminal Court Systems
  8. Tour of Local House of Correction
  9. Overview of reporting of Crimes to FBI


GENERAL OVERVIEW:  This program is designed to provide the student with the maximum exposure to the different agencies that work together within the criminal justice system.  The student will observe the dispatch process, participate in a ride along with a patrol officer, visit the Barnstable County Crime Labs.  Additionally the Student will interact with Detective from the Local Police Department, and State Police CPAC units.  The program will be followed up with a short tour with the Barnstable House of Correction, to include information on the bracelet program.





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