Youth Academy

Junior Academy Overview


This program was started 2000. The Jr. Academy was funded by the New Horizons for Youth Grant specifically developed for programs that targeted middle school students.   The director and architect for the program was Detective Robert Brun.   That year we conducted two classes, graduating over 60 students.  After that first year, it was decided that the program would be held once a year encompassing the topics of Criminal Law, First Aid and CPR, Use of Force, and Patrol Procedures just to name a few.  Each year after that, the academy became more and more popular, with an average attendance of 50 students each class.  Over the past 11 years, we have held 11 classes for a total of 447 student’s graduates.  Through out the years, program has grown and evolved to what you see today.

Program Today: 

The Junior Citizens Police Academy begins with a Parent Night to inform parents of the program and expectations. Classes begin the following week after school for 10 weeks.  This program involves specially trained staff from the Sandwich Police Department.  This specially trained staff will provide a supportive environment in which students from Sandwich can develop pro-social skills and increase resiliency.

Specifically, the Junior Citizens Police Academy is committed to helping our youth achieve important emotional and intellectual development milestones.


¨      Acquire skills necessary for managing behavior

¨      Improve level of emotional fitness

¨      Develop more positive regard for self and others

¨      Challenge negative attitudes and beliefs about persons in positions of authority

¨      Expand their ability to communicate more effectively with adults and peers

¨      Improve their ability to work with others in a cooperative, supportive, respectful and responsible manner

¨      Develop a better understanding of Massachusetts’s laws, and the role of the police.

¨      Build bonds stronger bonds between Police, Families and Friends.


During the program, students will be provided instruction in Introduction to policing, Basic Criminal Law, Civil Law, Court System, Introduction to SWAT, K-9 Demonstration, Defensive Tactics, Introduction to the State Police Air Wing and Patrol Procedures.  Each Student will be provided and opportunity to ride along with our police officers. (Ride a longs will be discussed at the introduction) Each academy will involve at least one field trip, location TBA.


The Sandwich Junior Citizens Police Academy is a 10-week program that is offered during the school year.   The academy meets once a week for three hours.   Time will be allotted at the end of each day for conferences with parents.


Students from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are encouraged to submit an application for the Junior Citizens Police Academy.  A committee of members from the Police Department will review all applications.  Each academy has a maximum size of 36 students, and applicants will be chosen based on recommendations from teaches and school administration and a one page ESSAY prepared by the student on what they hope to achieve from the experience.


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