Women’s Safety

SPD Womens Safety Patch Women’s Personal Safety Program


SPD Women's Safety PatchSandwich Police Women’s Personal Safety class encompassed topics surrounding women’s personal safety over a four week period. The course is instructed by police officers with extensive background teaching women’s safety.  During the first class, course instructors introduced themselves and provide an overview of the coming weeks. Class participation, questions and comments are encouraged and welcome. Statistics on crimes and current safety issues in Sandwich are reviewed.  Throughout the class each instructor shares their personal and professional experiences.  Each week the class format encompasses a lecture, interactive discussions and basic defensive tactic strategies.

The first week was titled, “Safe at home”.  The topics include crime prevention, information on soliciting, internet safety and use of force in the home should you be victimized.

The second week, “Safety while out in town or at work”.  This covers suspicious activities, questions on when to call the police, is that really a police officer and how to be a good witness should you become a victim.

The third week, “Are you a good witness” deals with Domestic Violence issues both at home and on a date.  Victims’ rights are discussed as well as information on available victim support services.  A mock larceny allows participants to gauge how good of a witness they would be in a real situation.

The last week covers sexual assaults and rape investigations.  A recap of the importance of being a good witness, available services, self-defense overview and open forum for questions is provided. Participants are asked to complete a survey of the class.