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Name Rank Ext# Email
Jason M. Keene Chief of Police 1330 Email 
Joshua H. Bound Deputy Chief 1330 Email
Bruce T. Lawrence Lieutenant 1330 Email
John A. Manley Lieutenant 1330 Email
Marya Caristi Clerical – Police Records 1331 Email
David McNeaney Information Technology   Email
Angele Sproles Facility Maintenance   Email
Jennifer Woodbury Clerical 1330 Email
Timothy Condon Sergeant 1374 Email
Lauren Gilrein Sergeant – PIO 1372 Email
Paul Grigorenko Sergeant 1371 Email
Michael Gumbleton Sergeant 1376 Email
Michael Leslie Sergeant 1375 Email
John Manley Sergeant 1373 Email
Paul McCarthy Sergeant 1910 Email
Christopher P. McDermott Sergeant – Court Liaison 1382 Email
Terence Murphy Detective Sergeant 1381 Email
Brian A. Bondarek Community Service Officer 1370 Email
Jeffrey Brunelli Detective 1384 Email
James Carroll Officer   Email
Matthew Cotter Officer 1902 Email
Garrett Garbacik Officer  1938 Email
Craig Hatfield Trainee   Email
Christian Harold Officer 1904 Email
Alec Henderson Officer 1915 Email
Heather Huska Officer 1905 Email
Gregory Jaroszuk Officer 1906 Email
Matthew Martin Officer 1903 Email
Ryan McCracken Officer 1911 Email
Gregory Naylor Officer 1918 Email
Matthew Noonan Officer 1935 Email
Matthew O’Brien Detective 1917 Email
Shawn P. O’Neil Officer 1912 Email
Marc Petersen Officer 1939 Email
Nathan Reid Detective 1383 Email
Michael P. Wood Officer – Evidence Management 1385 Email
Vacant Position Officer   Email
Vacant Position Officer   Email
Vacant Position Officer   Email
Philip Anderson Officer P/T   Email
Robert Brun Officer P/T   Email
Timothy Cavanaugh Officer P/T   Email
Timothy Finn Officer P/T   Email
Michael Nurse Officer P/T   Email
Albert Robichaud Officer P/T   Email
James Spofford Officer P/T   Email
Robert Sminkey Sandwich Communication Center Supervisor 1916 Email
Michael P. Brownell Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Cassandra Briand Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Matthew Barbaro Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Naomi Cook Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Kelsey Hoffner Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Tara Palermo Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Grace Angers Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Jennifer Scott Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Joanna Golden Emergency Telecommunicator   Email
Matthew Mills Emergency Telecommunicator P/T   Email
Daniel Morgado Emergency Telecommunicator P/T   Email


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