SPD Employment

The Sandwich Police Department recruitment practices are in line with the Civil Service hiring practices and exams.

Civil Service exams are given on a regular basis throughout the state by the Massachusetts Department of Human Resources. When a test is scheduled announcements are usually posted at every Town and City Hall in Massachusetts.

Police Academy TrainingA list of names is compiled from the scores resulting from these tests and our department requests lists of these applicants from Human Resources when we have a vacancy. From that list we choose a candidate in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Human Resources. The Town of Sandwich gives hiring preference to residents. For a complete description of what constitutes “residency” please refer to the Massachusetts Department of Human Resources.

Following appointment as a Student Officer, recruits must pass a physical abilities test, psychological examination, drug screening and successfully complete the Basic Recruit Training Course at a municipal police academy administered by the Municipal Police Training Committee. The training encompasses the many and varied subject areas necessary to turn recruits into new Police Officers. Classroom instruction in legal aspects is complemented by physical training and emergency procedures.

Following graduation from the academy, new Police Officers are given additional training here at the Sandwich Police Department. This training covers information specific to our department and familiarizes the new Police Officers with our own rules and regulations, policies and procedures.

For information on when an entry level test will be scheduled, you may write to Department of Human Resources, Examination Announcements, One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108, or check their website.  For more information on open Town of Sandwich Jobs, go to:  https://www.sandwichmass.org/Jobs.aspx


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