SPD Staff Directory

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Name Rank Ext# Email
Peter N. Wack Chief of Police Email 
Lorrie Wieman Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police 117 Email
David McNeaney Information Technology P/T Email
Heather Brzykcy Clerical Email
Michael Nurse Deputy Chief 118 Email
Joshua H. Bound Lieutenant 348 Email
Jason Keene Lieutenant 328 Email
Timothy M. Cavanaugh Sergeant 335 Email
Joseph M. Cotter Sergeant 329 Email
Lauren Gilrein Sergeant – PIO 327 Email
Bruce Lawrence Sergeant 346 Email
John Manley Sergeant 332 Email
Christopher P. McDermott Sergeant – Court Liaison 344 Email
Terence Murphy Detective Sergeant 342 Email
William R. Patton Sergeant 340 Email
Adam Trayner Sergeant 336 Email
Brian A. Bondarek Community Service Officer 369 Email
Jeffrey Brunelli Officer 333 Email
Christa Cabral School Resource Officer 345 Email
Timothy Condon Officer 330 Email
Matthew Cotter Officer 347 Email
David Dwyer Officer 343 Email
Paul Grigorenko Officer 350 Email
Michael Gumbleton Detective 363 Email
Christian Harold Officer 000 Email
Gregory Jaroszuk Officer 304 Email
Jessica Kent Officer 334 Email
Craig Larocco Officer 000 Email
Michael Leslie Officer 325 Email
Paul McCarthy Officer 337 Email
Ryan McCracken Officer 371 Email
Matthew O’Brien K-9 Officer 349 Email
Shawn P. O’Neil Officer 362 Email
Daniel Perkins Officer 341 Email
Nathan Reid Officer 146 Email
Albert Robichaud Detective 143  Email
Michael P. Wood Officer 370 Email
Vacant Position Officer 000 Email
Philip Anderson Officer P/T 000 Email
Robert Brun Officer P/T 000 Email
Peter D. Howell Officer P/T 000 Email
James Spofford Officer P/T 000 Email
Joshua Himelrick Lead Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Cassandra Barber Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Matthew Barbaro Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Michael P. Brownell Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Kim Cyr Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Heather Huska Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Jennifer Kelleher Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Christine Lawrence Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Matthew Rocha Emergency Telecommunicator 130 Email
Donald Cambell Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email
Matthew Flynn Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email
Joseph Gibbs Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email
Jeffrey Huska Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email
Matthew Mills Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email
Daniel Morgado Emergency Telecommunicator P/T 130 Email