On July 31, 2015 at approximately 12:48am, Sandwich Police responded to the report of a car that had crashed in the woods on the Service Road between Exit 3 and 4.

While responding, dispatch received an additional call from a resident claiming there was a male party banging on their front door. Upon arrival, Police identified a 17 year old male from East Sandwich.  The male stated he had been in an accident, and was trying to get help.  The operator stated he was alone, and only sustained minor injuries.

It was determined the 17 year old was travelling West on the Service Road in a 2004 Honda Pilot.  The vehicle struck a guard rail on the North side of the Service Road, causing it ride up on top of the rail. The vehicle then travelled a significant distance, before rolling over and becoming wedged between a telephone pole and guide pole.  It was determined that speed was a factor in the crash

A special Tow Truck equipped with a crane had to be called to the scene in order to remove the vehicle due to the location of the crash.  The male operator is being charged with Operating as to Endanger and Unlicensed Operation (Operating during JOL Restricted Hours.)   The Service Road was closed for an hour while the vehicle was removed.

Press Release 073115


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