Sandwich Public Safety Project – Updates

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On May 2, 2016 Town Meeting supported the Public Safety Building Project.  On May 5, 2016 Sandwich voters approved the plan at the ballot.  We are now beginning the process of implementing the Public Safety Building Project which is explained within the presentation below.  It is anticipated that the buildings will be completed in early 2019.

Public Safety Presentation – Town Meeting 5-2-2016


The current Police Station was built in 1972 for 9 employees.  There are currently 45 full-time and 61 total employees working out of this building.  The current building is clearly too small and lacks many security standards which present day law enforcement agencies use.

On November 5, 2015 the Sandwich Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a new Public Safety Plan which includes a new reduced in size Police Station at Quaker Meeting House Road and Cotuit Road, a new Fire Station at Quaker Meeting House Road and Cotuit Road and improvements to the current East Sandwich Fire Station.  The project will open 3 fire stations within town and improve response times to East and South Sandwich residents.  The estimate for this project is approximately 15 million dollars.  It is anticipated that the project will be brought before the voters during the May 2016 Town Meeting.

A new Police Station is desperately needed in Sandwich.  This project will  address the sub-standard and unsecure prisoner processing and cell block areas within the current station.  It will provide for improved dispatch space and security of the many radio and computer systems which all public safety departments in Sandwich rely on.  Evidence processing, storage and security is a serious matter which will be addressed within the new building.  The Town’s Emergency Management Director will have space for an Emergency Operations Center  which is used regularly to manage severe winter and tropical storms.  Much of the remaining space will address areas for around the clock patrol officer roll call briefings, report writing, firearms storage, file storage, records archiving, firearms licensing, separate locker rooms for male and female officers and interview rooms.  While this project is significantly reduced in size from the original proposal, it will address the Police Department’s needs and provide the community with a safe and professional facility for their public safety officials.

Updated Information 4/14/2016:  Selectmen Presentation 4-14-2016

Updated Information 4/5/2016:  Public Safety Project Flyer



The following provides a summary of the revised public safety improvement plan the Board of Selectmen will be bringing to the Annual Town Meeting and the Annual Town Election on Monday May 2nd and Thursday May 5th. The Board listened to the concerns raised by the public from the initial proposal, and arrived at a new plan that is:

1. significantly smaller in scale;
2. significantly less costly;
3. staffs three (3) Fire/EMS stations in town.

Specifically, the new proposal:

* Includes three (3) staffed Fire/EMS substations

* Maintains current Rt. 6A Fire/EMS headquarters

* Adds new dormitory to staff current East Sandwich Fire/EMS substation

* Adds new Fire/EMS substation at corner of QMR/Cotuit Rd.

* Enables the closure of Forestdale Fire Station

* Requires $750,000 override to hire (8) EMS/Fire personnel

* Includes new Police headquarters at corner of QMR/Cotuit Rd.

* Enables the closure of current Police headquarters

* Significantly lower cost compared to original $30 million proposal

* Current cost estimate: $16 – $18 million range

* Significantly smaller footprint compared to original proposal

* Combined 23,000 sq. ft. vs. original 71,000 sq. ft. proposal

* Timeline, from the date of Town Meeting & ballot approval:

* 10 months for architects to finalize design and construction documents, plus

* 1½ – 2 years for bidding and construction

* FY19 construction complete

Soon the Town will be providing much more detailed, line-by-line cost estimates prepared by independent professional cost estimator, as well as artistic renderings of building exteriors. Stay tuned to Board of Selectmen meetings every Thursday night at 7:00pm on local cable access channel 15, as this item will be discussed at the end of each meeting.

Public Safety Site Plan