We would like to thank the Board of Selectmen for unanimously voting to put the public safety buildings plan and the funding for 8 new firefighter positions on the May Town Meeting Warrant.  During the time leading up to Town Meeting, please feel free to ask questions of us about the plan and thoughts which you may have.  Our buildings are available for tours.  We will sit down with you and discuss any questions which you may have.  As Chief Wack said last night, the police station is now staffing 45 full-time employees and 60 total employees.  The building has become too small for its operations.

Question response:

  1. Recently we were asked how many employees work during the day in the fire and police HQ buildings. Fire has 5 and police has 16 administrative positions during the weekdays. Each department also staffs duty personnel in addition to these numbers.  The police department has an additional patrol staff working which also needs use of the building during this same time period to type reports, meet with the public and process arrests to name a few.


  1. Fire sleeping conditions was also questioned. This plan provides new quarters in East Sandwich and the new Quaker Meeting House Station. Improvements will be made at the downtown location as well.

This is a comprehensive plan which meets the needs of public safety and answers voters request to keep the downtown fire HQ open, open the East Sandwich fire station and position a fire station on Quaker Meeting House Road to better serve both Forestdale and South Sandwich. Additionally, it provides for more firefighters in an effort to substantially improve response times within our community.