On December 31, 2014 at approximately 0036 hours Sandwich Police was dispatched to Oxford Rd. to take a report of someone shooting into a window.   Multiple small holes were observed in the window on the second story. The window was not shattered. The window had nine holes in it and impact rings surrounded some of the holes. The holes were consistent with the size of air soft BB pellets. Some of the holes penetrated both panes of glass while others only penetrated one side. Upon closer inspection of the window I observed multiple BB pellets in between the two panes of glass. A search of the immediate area in the bedroom did not reveal any more BB pellets. The shots were described as quick in succession, one after the other.

Barnstable County CIO was called to the scene to take pictures. Barnstable County K9 unit was also called to conduct a K9 track with no results.  At this time this incident remains under investigation.  Anyone with any information on this incident is urged to call the Sandwich Police Department at 508-888-1212.

Press Release 12.31.2014 SPD 14-1535