IRS telephone scams continue.  Recently, a resident received a call in which the caller stated that they were from the IRS.  The caller informed the resident that they owed taxes and directed the resident to pay using Cash Packs from CVS or they would be arrested.  In an IRS press release dated March 20, 2014, the IRS stated that they first notify people by mail, not phone, about unpaid taxes.  They will not ask for payment using pre-paid debit cards, wire transfers or credit cards.

Other types of telephone scams are occurring involving financial institutions.  If you receive a suspicious call, gather the callers information and do not take any action.  After ending the call, locate the companies official telephone number through a past bill or document that you have.  Credit card company information can be located on the reverse side of a credit card.  In some cases, locate the companies official web-site for contact information.  Once you have the contact information, initiate a call to the company to validate the request that was made of you.

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Download & Print IRS Press Release:  IRS Press Release